Software Development

Every business has a unique approach to the markets they serve. Oftentimes, off-the-shelf software is inadequate, inefficient, or completely non-existent to match your approach. Your business cannot innovate or work effectively if the tools you use don't match your style of execution.

Custom software can either integrate with or replace your existing systems in a way that perfectly matches your workflow, saving your business time and money and allowing you to service your customers more effectively.

Our team has a winning history of building software that either integrates with or your existing systems or that is new and entirely standalone. Whether we manage the full software development lifecycle or only supplement your team's skillset where needed, we have a track record of success.


Rather than reinvent the wheel for each project, we provide the option of using what we call V2.Launch as the foundation of your application. Over the years, we have collected our best practices within a handful of common areas and bundled them into a core component. When launching new projects, V2.Launch allows us to start with a consistent, secure, well-designed foundation while skipping over redundant work.

V2.Launch includes:

  • Core Style Guide
  • Security and Authentication
  • Menus and Navigation
  • UI Design Patterns
  • Tiered Architecture Patterns
  • Reporting

A safe, reliable home.

In most cases, once your software is built, it needs a home on the Internet. Some businesses have their own infrastructure for hosting the application; in that case, we're happy to deploy the application to your equipment. In case you don't want to be in the infrastructure and hosting business, we offer secure, reliable hosting on equipment that we own and maintain that is co-located at an enterprise grade Tier IV data center located in Baton Rouge. See Application Hosting for more information.


Our in-house development team has experience across three major platforms: Microsoft, Open Source, and Mac OS and iOS.

Microsoft stack. Our experience on the Microsoft stack dates back to Visual Basic 3.0 as a hobby when we were 15 years old. Our web experience begins around 1997 with the release of Microsoft Visual InterDev and ASP 1.0. We have continued using Microsoft tools into the present -- we currently work with Microsoft .NET 4.0, SQL Server 2008, Entity Framework, MVC3, and WPF.

Open Source stack. We began using Linux when the most efficient way to obtain a working install was by sharing a stack of floppy disks between friends (we got our feet wet with Slackware 3.0, circa 1995). We gained extensive web experience using MySQL, Apache, and Perl (mod_perl) including load balancing, systems monitoring, etc. We currently implement solutions using RedHat Enterprise Linux with a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MYSQL, PHP or Perl) stack.

Mac OS and iOS. Our experience on the Apple stack begins more recently -- beginning in 2006 with the first Intel-based Mac Minis. We are currently developing an iPhone and iPad app that integrates with a backend Microsoft stack via web services.

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