Application Hosting

The business-critical applications can only be as reliable as the facilities they're hosted in. Many business don't have the budget or desire to host mission-critical applications internally and can't rely on run-of-the-mill, high volume hosting providers to give them the reliability and hands-on support that they need.

Velocity Squared has available the staff, equipment, facilities, and services available to reliably power your critical applications.


We manage systems using both the Microsoft Windows platform (including Microsoft SQL Server) as well as RedHat Enterprise Linux.

Physical Hosting

We own and manage a collection of enterprise-grade Dell servers and Cisco network infrastructure that is collocated at Venyu's Tier IV data center located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The facilities provide redundant power, network connectivity, and HVAC along with fire suppression, 24/7 onsite security and much more. Our own team has 24/7 access (both on site and remotely) to our equipment along with access to the data center's team when immediate "hands on" support is needed. Our VMware-powered environment provides fault-tolerance as well as backups.

Cloud Hosting

Velocity Squared has experience leveraging cloud-based infrastructure, such those services offered by Rackspace Cloud and Amazon Web Services. Cloud hosting is an effective solution when scalability is a top priority.


Whether hosting is cloud-based or on physical servers, we maintain the tools needed to monitor your applications 24/7 and receive immediate notification in case of a problem, in many cases with enough warning to avoid any downtime.

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